EMERGING is a stage to screen film centring on the relationship between a transgender son, who has questioned his gender identity for as long as he can remember, and his mother, whilst they embark on a journey into the unknown.


We’re thrilled to announce the Emerging film has been selected for the Full Length Category for the Circus International Film Festival 2024! Showing online on 29th March, get your tickets here or read more about it here.

And don’t miss the Cara Mamma World Premiere at BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Festival screening on Saturday 23rd March at 10:45am and Sunday 24th March at 2pm. A documentary across 3 years with Sky Neal of Satya Film, whilst creating Emerging. Read more about it here.

With Emerging we want to not only tell our story, but use our art form to give voice to others who are navigating similar journeys and to let them know they are not alone. We want to highlight the nuances, the fragility and ferocity in this journey, bravery and fear, determination and dignity. We have made Emerging because we aspire to live in a world where gender diverse, non binary and trans people are visible, valued and live safe and fulfilled lives’.
– Daniela Essart, Scarabeus Artistic Director and Naissa Bjørn, Performer and Collaborator

An exploration on the themes of gender, identity and representation; combining aerial, dance, theatre and excerpts from letters, EMERGING navigates a complex parent-child relationship and life-changing process. It’s an intimate experience of the power of creativity to facilitate profound change.

Artistic director & performer: Daniela Essart
Performer & collaborator: Naissa Bjørn
Soundtrack: Domenico Angarano
Choreographer & movement director: Becky Namgauds
Dramaturg: Tessa Walker
Video & Projections Designer: Marisa Zanotti
Lighting designer: Joshie Harriette
Costume designer: Giulia Gallon
Aerial apparatus design: Joe White
Technical Director & Rigger: Søren Nielsen
Stage Manager: Sam Rush
Producer: Flora Herberich
Engagement Producer: Fae Fichtner
Marketing: Lucy White
Footage courtesy of The Lowry & Satya Films, edited by Marisa Zanotti
Video Edit and Post Production: Mark Morreau

Stitching communal needlework with vertical dance.

Quilting Buildings, Building Communities

We are so excited to be working on an aerial dance theatre collaboration between Quilt ClubGravity & Levity, and Scarabeus.
Our recent research and development was on a jaw-dropping triptych patchwork quilt, created by The Quilt Club.

Our vision is to wrap a building or façade with a huge patchwork quilt created with local communities, which a team of aerialists will animate.

Alongside the quilt making, Gravity & Levity and Scarabeus will be offering aerial and vertical dance workshops for participants of all ages and abilities to also experience this aspect of the collaboration.

The project aims to offer an immersive visual and aural experience to residents, accidental passers-by and a gathered audience. It sparks joy, curiosity, pride, a sense of ownership and leaves a legacy in the area that will live in people’s heart and memory.

2016 - 2018

A breathtaking show combining aerial skills, visual theatre, a pulsating soundtrack and stunning projections, DEPTHS OF MY MIND brings to life the latest developments in neuroimaging around the teenage brain.

Depths Of My Mind

Suspended above the audience on moving transparent platforms the performers explore what is means growing up, to be changing and searching for somewhere to belong.

DOMM is the second in our trilogy of work made for and in consultation with young people.

Researched in collaboration with the U-Change study team at the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network.

Depths Of My Mind Blog

Funded by Wellcome Trust & Arts Council England

Supported by The Point – Eastleigh, Gulbenkian Arts Centre, National Centre for Circus Arts.

Produced with Polka Theatre.

Images and video by Mark Morreau.


The first work in our trilogy created in collaboration with young adults, BE-LOVED is a moving and beautiful aerial production inspired by Angela Carter’s short story The Tiger’s Bride. BE-LOVED portrays the intense emotions of first love with spectacular aerial work and a visually striking set.


A tender and beautiful production inspired by Angela Carter’s short story The Tiger’s Bride, a subversive re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast fairytale. BE-LOVED portrays the visceral and intense emotions of first love through spectacular Chinese Pole and aerial work, set on a visually striking set.

The first in our trilogy of work created for and in consultation with young people.

Supported by Arts Council England and National Centre for Circus Arts

Commissioned by The Point and Gulbenkian

*Scarabeus Aerial Theatre Trilogy; Be-Loved, Depths of My Mind, Emerging

Images and video by Mark Morreau.


La Tempesta explores how families can adapt in our ever-changing fragile environment, how things can be transformed, up-cycled or re-cycled, and how we find love and resilience in the most unexpected places.

La Tempesta

Created in collaboration with Little Angel Theatre, LA TEMPESTA, combines puppetry with thrilling aerial skills to create a spinetingling immersive outdoor performance for children and their families.

Images and video by Roberta Battista.

Funded by Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn and Foyle Foundations. 

Supported by National Centre for Circus Arts and The Point.

Produced in association with Little Angel Theatre

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Danza Antigua is a spectacular performance that marries fantastic aerial prowess with equally high calibre dance and acrobatics on stilts. The performance was inspired by Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ festival.

Danza Antigua

Inspired by the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ festival. Danza Antigua is a spectacular performance that marries fantastic aerial prowess with equally high calibre dance and acrobatics on stilts.

Entwined together the living dead sweep across the floor with tango, salsa and daring acrobatics, whilst two mischievous spirits keep getting on the way of their impossible love. It can also be booked as a small-scale duet on stilts.

Commissioned by Greenwich & Docklands International Arts Festival and Rowan Arts.

Image by Katia Beltrame, video by Steve Jackman.