Daniela Essart

Artistic Director and CEO

I am the Artistic Director and co-founder of Scarabeus Aerial Theatre. Since 1988, I have directed, co-devised and performed in the company’s productions. I graduated in Theatre and Film Studies at Torino University in Italy and completed an MA in Performing Arts at Middlesex University. I trained in Physical Theatre with Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier and Monica Pagneux, as well as acrobatics, stilts, aerial techniques, abseiling and yoga.
Born and raised near the Italian Alps, I started trekking and free climbing in my childhood. These skills are translated into a deep love of open spaces, and a taste for the aerial and harness skills that feature in much of Scarabeus’ work.

I love sunshine, scrumptious food and warm company. I transfer my culinary abilities in creating work that merge and fuse different styles of performance. I love telling new and old stories through vivid imagery, as a way of connecting people and awakening empathy.

Together with Søren, my job with Scarabeus is to lead the company. I’m responsible for the company’s overall strategic vision and the creation of all our projects. From hatching ideas, through fearless research, to making and presenting the work, this is at the heart of what I do.

Daniela has worked collaboratively with a range of established and up and coming artists from different fields and has collaborated with companies such as Candoco Dance Company, National Youth Theatre, Little Angel Theatre, Polka Theatre, Wildworks and Emergency Exit Arts.