Emerging tour cancellation

Emerging. Daniela and Naissa smile at eachother through a webbed hoop

With Emerging we are using our art form to give voice to others who are navigating similar journeys to ours, and let them know they are not alone. We aim to highlight the nuances, bravery and fear, determination and dignity in this journey. We are making Emerging because we aspire to live in a world where gender diverse, non binary and trans people are visible, valued and live safe and fulfilled lives.

The brave and courageous process of staging and performing such an intimate piece, inspired by the real letters written by mother and son during their journey of transition together, has taken an unexpected toll on the main collaborators.

It is Scarabeus’ priority to assure and protect the wellbeing and mental health of all involved in Emerging. It is with a heavy heart we have therefore taken the very difficult decision to cancel the remaining tour dates.

Scarabeus would like to extend their gratitude to those who have supported the production thus far; our co-commissioners, the venues who booked and supported us, our funders and above all the sensitive and fantastic team behind Emerging.

We will continue the advocacy and work we started with Emerging in other artistic forms, which will find their expression in the near future.

Daniela Essart & Søren Nielsen, Scarabeus co-directors




Photo: Mark Morreau